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What is CWDS?

The Commonwealth Workforce Development System (CWDS) is the online tool used by PA CareerLink to match employers and job seekers across Pennsylvania. Creating an account on the CWDS is your first step to connecting with opportunities and/or candidates statewide. Unlike many search tools that return dozens or hundreds of irrelevant results, the CWDS is monitored closely, which prevents fraudulent entries and duplicate postings. All employers are screened and determined to be credible before they are able to post jobs on CWDS. This means higher-quality search results instead of massive amounts of data.

Job seekers must simply enter their work and education history and select their career preferences to be matched with the right job opportunities. PA CareerLink can provide assistance accessing the system and creating an account. To get started as a job-seeker, click here.

Employers must enter job requirements and a brief job description. They can then sort efficiently through a pool of pre-qualified or "matched" candidates. If the list of matches does not provide the right candidate, PA CareerLink can assist with supplemental searches. In addition to posting jobs and searching applicants, employers can also screen applicants, view labor market information by industry and occupation, see workforce trends, obtain business assistance information, and more. To get started as an employer, click here.

The CWDS also offers workforce development, independent living services, and employment and training programs provided by the Departments of Labor & Industry and Public Welfare. To view information on these programs, click here.

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PA CareerLink® serves our eight-county region as the "retail" function for employers and job seekers. As an employer, the PA CareerLink® staff can refer you to programs, organizations, and funding streams that are available to your particular type of business.

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